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Horaczko Photography Accessories

I would like to present a photographic filters of my design.

It is a bokeh shaping filter, which has got the standard lens size used in photography.

The conventional sizes made by me are as follows: 52, 58 , 72 and 77 mm. I also create filters in other sizes and filters for non-standard lenses (like Leica or Hasselblad), but you can also make them fit by using step down/up rings or adapters .

The filter has got a revolving front part, which is a very important feature when switching from landscape to portrait format, or with lenses that do not use internal focusing .

It is easy to maintain a correct position.

This design also lets the user achieve motion (rocking/revolving ) effects in filming.

The standard design of the filter allows the user to attach other modules,e.g. : cookin holder which creates new possibilities.

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